Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Tippmann HammerHead Barrel

Tippmann Sports is excited to launch a new, special edition StraightLine barrel for woodsball that was designed to complement the look of Tippmann X7 painrball marker and Tippmann A-5 paintball marker. The new, 16” barrel was created through a partnership with HammerHead, a longtime leader in paintball barrel design, and offers unmatched quality and performance characteristics.

Tippmann HammerHead Barrel

The special edition StraightLine barrel will be sold in a complete kit featuring three sizers, a carrying case and lithium grease. It will be available in mid-June 2008 at a retail price of $149. This new barrel is set to debut at Oklahoma D-Day, where The Hellions from CPX and the SPC team from Glasgow Scotland are scheduled use the new barrel in play. We have a limited allocation for the first run of these barrels and we are now accepting orders for shipments to begin on June 20th.

16" Rifled Barrel With Three Sizers

  • Gun-Drilled Barrel Improves Accuracy Through Unmatched Consistency in Bore Size
  • True Spiral-Rifling Provides Scientifically-Proven Rotation for Accuracy and Control
  • Three Sizers (.688, .686, .683) with Patent-Pending Seamless Connection, Matches Paintball Dimensions with Barrel Radius for Optimal Air Efficiency
  • Removable, Reverse-Ported, Counter-Bore Muzzle Break Improves Accuracy by Reducing Turbulence at the Barrel Exit
  • Deluxe Padded Case Provides Protection for Barrel and Sizers

What Makes The Straightline Better Than Other Rifling or Sizing Barrels?

  • Gun-Drilled Barrel Improves Accuracy by Producing an Ultra Consistent Bore Size
  • True Spiral-Rifling Controls Paintball Rotation for Unmatched Accuracy
  • Reverse-Porting Combined with Counted-Boring Improves Accuracy by Reducing Turbulence at the Barrel Exit
  • Optimised 2" Sizers Provide Maximum Paintball to Barrel Seal with Minimum Air Loss Improving Air Efficiency
  • Designed Specifically for Scenario Play, the Longer 16" Barrel Fits all Tippmann X7 Shrouds, Features a Military Style Reverse-Ported Muzzle Break, and has a Matte Finish to Reduce Glare
  • Sold as a Complete Kit, the Straightline Barrel Provides Everything You need to Optimize Your Paintball Experience

What's a good Tippmann paintball gun for beginners?

Q: I'm just starting out to play with my son. He's 13. I'm looking to buy 2 paintball guns for us to play with. My uncle has a house in the woods so we'll be playing there. I also plan to go to paintball fields. I want paintball guns that are good and will last and that i can customize in the future. Do you have any suggestions? I was looking at the Tippmann 98 Custom Pro Platinum Series ACT etrigger or the Tippmann 98 Custom ACT Platinum. What's the difference with all the Tippmann 98s.

A1: "The difference between the tippman 98C paintball guns comes down to bells and whistles.

The 'ACT' stands for 'anti-chop technology', which will help stop you from breaking paint with the bolt (chopping).

An e-trigger is an electronic grip frame, that instead of the trigger directly operating the sear, the trigger operates an electronic switch, which controls a solenoid to operate the sear. This also adds in firing modes - full automatic and ramping as well as standard semi. The big disadvantage here is that you introduce electronics and batteries, which may die or such.

An R/T is a gas assist to the standard mechanical trigger, it basically resets your trigger faster, allowing you to shoot faster. It can also be tweaked into a full auto mode. The advantage of this over an e-trigger is that it doesn't need batteries, but it doesn't have the firing modes either.

The Tippmann platinum series makes a couple changes to the basic 98C, I think it makes it easier to break down and work on, and makes it easier to upgrade. But don't quote me on that.

Honestly, a Tippmann 98C with ACT paintball gun is the best place to start. I'm not a fan of 'accuracy by volume', no matter how fun it seems to fling a lot of paint downfield. I would rather focus on improving accuracy than improving rate of fire."

A2: "i love my Tippmann 98 paintball gun with r/t and cyclone. But i think you should go with an Tippmann A5 paintball gun with an r/t factory installed. It will give you the extra fire power you'll need with the response trigger and the cyclone feed system comes with the tippmann a5 paintball gun. You and your son will be happy with it in stock form. Once you get the feel of the game and sport you can easily modify it to match your needs. Plus your looking for a paintball gun that will last, a tippmann is exactly what your looking for.

A3: "You will be happy with any tippmann paintball gun you buy. I have a tippmann 98 paintball gun and works great however it NEEDS a NEW BARREL the one that it comes with is horrible i recomend a CP. any CP i have a 14 inch. If you cant find get a JJ... my recomendations. might help might not... thanks its a thumbs up for me! "


Tippmann X7 & Special Ops - VForce Tippmann World Challenge X - MICHIGAN

This is the only event of its kind! This is where Tippmann Guns take on every other Paintball Gun in the World. Be part of history in the making at this giant event. Join up with thousands of paintball players from all over the US and Canada to be part of this big game. You will be battling it out in a massive two day Monster Game format. You will ride in military troop transports, capture the enemy's bunkers, purchase assault missions (Tank Application & Rules) and you can sign up to be an officer to help plan and execute your team's strategy. See the latest in paintball guns and accessories at the vendor trade show and maybe, you will be a winner in our famous Mega-Prize give away. This is the most fun you will ever have playing paintball! Pre-register Now and $ave. Pre-register before August 1st. for only $30.00 for one day or $55.00 for both days. We are a Field Paint Only (FPO) Paintball Playfield. FREE AIR FILLS all day long! We'll see you in the jungle!

Date : September 27 - September 28, 2008
Producer : Other
Category : 2 day big game

Event Description :

Tippmann X7 & Special Ops presents the VForce Tippmann World Challenge X, 2008
September 27th & 28th , 2008

Tippmann X7 & Special Ops - VForce Tippmann World Challenge X - MICHIGAN

Pre-Register before August 1st, 2008: SAVE $10.00 OFF Gate Price
Pre-Registration: 1-Day $30.00
Pre-Registration: 2-Day $55.00
Gate Price: 1-Day Registration $40.00
Gate Price: 2-Day Registration $65.00
(Tippmann 98 Custom with Anti-Chop Technology paintball guns, Tippmann 20oz Self-Serve Quick-Fill CO-2 tank & Goggle System.)
(Tippmann 98 Custom with RT system, Anti-Chop Technology, Tippmann 20oz Self-Serve Quick-Fill CO-2 tank & Goggle System.)

We are a Field Paint Only (FPO) Paintball Playfield! Buy your paint when you Pre-Register and $AVE! Exotic Sportz Fireball Premium Paintballs (Inferno grade paint) that shoots flawlessly in all Barrel Systems. Truckload Sale Price for only $49.00 + 6% Sales Tax = $51.94 per case / 2000rds when you Pre-Register. You must purchase & use our Fireball brand field paint, available ONLY at Exotic Sportz® store locations and h*** Survivors® Paintball Playfield for $56.60 (+tax) per case. That’s right TIPPMANN paintball guns take on all other paintball guns in the World. Multiple bunker objectives and the most awesome & sophisticated paintball weaponry you will ever see. We feature transport trucks for troop insertions, assault vehicles of all types for hire, mercenary forces for hire, or you can purchase an airplane for a bombing mission. Sign up to be an officer for your team and you will receive Tippmann money to purchase extra power forces to help lead your team to victory. 2-Huge days of Big Game action plus our Mega Prize Give-away, and the Vendor Trade Show. This is a World-Class Event with thousands of recreational players from around the globe. FREE OFFICIAL TEAM JERSEY TO THE FIRST 100 PLAYERS ON EACH TEAM THAT PRE-REGISTER FOR BOTH DAYS (yours to keep) and wear during the event. Registration starts at 7:00 am and the game begins at 10:00am.

For More Information Contact (734) 878-5656
or Visit:

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